Gender and Society: A2 DCT

I am really looking forward to this unit. I am expecting fireworks! I have planned in  a lot of group and class discussions because this is such a topical debate and one that is very current to our students. So I am going to use this opportunity to delve into what they really know and think about issues such as gender neutral identity and equality of men and women.

I will be setting out my discussions clearly with ground rules:

  1. No talking over each other
  2. Be respectful and polite to opposing views
  3. Explain and justify your reasons for your view
  4. Back up with examples
  5. Do not talk when someone else is

I am also giving them a work sheet so that any quiet students, who do not wish to speak during discussions, can involve themselves by writing down their views and the views of other students. I am going to play the role of board scribe (to document relevant points) and facilitator. See discussion tips for more ideas.

Preview of Lesson Plan

A3 Birds and the Bees worksheet. Students must define the words from their own understanding.

Share these definitions as a class – class variations?

Google definitions and write in. What differences/ similarities can you spot?

Discussion questions: in pairs or groups students fill out their views. Put first slide of power point on board to give visual stimuli for the discussion.

Share views as class – class discussion on ideas surrounding feminism, gender and inequality.

PP slide: Socialisation questions:

  1. Write down 5 ways that gender is acquired in our society (gender distinguishing expectations of being a boy/girl)


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gender and society

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My students have set up their own Philosophy Podcast: PhilosoCast to discuss topical questions. This one discusses “Should men and women have different gender roles?”

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