Top Recommendations: Text Books and Revision Guides

I used Ahluwalia and Bowie’s text books to inform my power points. I also found them a huge comfort when ensuring that my lessons remained relevant to the new spec expectations.

Must buy for first year:

Must buy for second year:

Further recommendations:

Revision Guides (for full review go to: Revision Guides: Which ones are worth your money?):

Also check out:

Must buy:

Highly recommend for assessment support:

Revision Workbooks: These are brilliant for testing your knowledge with short questions, topic support and exam style questions (click on the links below for Amazon).

OCR A Level Religious Studies: Philosophy of Religion Workbook


OCR A Level Religious Studies: Religion and Ethics Workbook


OCR A Level Religious Studies: Developments in Christian Thought Workbook


I have created these Revision Packs for my students containing quizzes, glossaries, summary sheets, essay tips and possible exam questions. It also provides space for notes and outlines the spec requirements. Everything you need to get your revision off to a flying start! If you would like a Revision Pack (for a small charge) please click on the image below to be transferred to the shop:


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