Panic “My Exam is Tomorrow!” Must Read for AS R.S (Old Spec)

Each year on the night before my student’s exam I post these comments on Facebook. I am not a believer in last minute revision (you are welcome to disagree with me ) as I believe the best approach is lots of sleep. However these final tips might make all the difference to your exam and involve little work (and hopefully help ease your mind):

  1. Remember all you need to get 16/25 (C grade) in a part a) is a few key words (explained), lots of examples and plenty of links back to the question. So easy-peasy-lemon-squeezyeven if you only learn a few points and then rewrite these few points in lots of different ways in your answer, with summaries and links back to the question you will get a C grade.
  2. Remember all you need to get 6/10 (C grade) in a part b) is two points of view and a conclusion that answers the question = easy peasy!!
    So: argument that agrees with the question and say why this view is good or bad. Give a view that disagrees with the question and say whether this point is good or bad. Then say which of the two arguments wins = write your conclusion from this.
  3. Fail safe points: God of Gaps, Burden of Proof or Big Bang can be used against most Christian/ God perspectives (see link above which explains these).
  4. Don’t forget to learn 1-2 biblical stories e.g Hannah’s prayer and Job’s test


Remember that my power points on SlideShare are very intense because they cover everything you could possibly need to get an A grade, so there is lots and lots of information. You DO NOT need to worry about all of this, you just need to focus on understanding the main elements and everything else will flow in the exam.

 1. Answer the question
2. Give lots of examples/ explanation of key words (treat the examiners as if they are new to the subject)

(Please remember these are the recommendations that I give to my students based on the experiences that I have had over the years with this exam and do not necessarily coincide with what your teacher may have said.)

Don’t forget to: SHOW OFF! This is your last opportunity to show what you have done over the last year. The examiners can only mark what you write – make it count!


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