First Year Exam Paper Breakdown: DCT Death and Afterlife Question

Here’s a break down of a student’s answer for the question on Death and Afterlife from the new spec exams 2016 (first years).

Critically assess the view that in Christian Teaching all people will be saved (30)

OCR marks given for student’s answer:
A01 15/15
A02 15/15

These are the main paragraphs of the student’s exam answer:

DCT 1 u.jpg

Dct 2 u.jpg

dct 3 u

The highlighted sections show evidence of the areas accredited for the top marks:

  • Green – links to the question
  • Red- wider understanding/ quotes
  • Blue – critical words
  • Yellow – names

Everything in this essay is relevant to the question and linked back to it throughout. Whilst there are not the usual 3-5 clear paragraph themes (that I try promote with my students), this student shows written control and evidence of a discussion of views throughout. The different thinkers are used for and against each other (with critical words to add an evaluative tone) and all linked to the question. The student shows a range of knowledge including Biblical passages, stories and quotes, a range of scholarly views and a well versed understanding of the demands of the question from limited election and unlimited election, heaven/hell/purgatory and judgment and how these issues link to the different attributes of God.

Thank you to my student for letting me use her work 🙂

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