Kantian Ethics: Normative Approaches

Preview of Lesson Plans:

Show ‘Have in Common’ on board – write down (5-6 pictures of people in professional roles e.g Doctor)

What does it mean by duty?

Do you think having a duty is important?

Using booklet find the meaning of:

  • Rationalist
  • Duty
  • Goodwill
  • Summon Bonum
  • Imperatives
  • Deontological

PP – with discussion questions on Duty

Research 3 formulations of Categorical Imperative

See: Tackling Application Essays for more guidance on how to structure this topic in the exam. Also check out “Utilitarianism is more useful than Kantian Ethics when dealing with ethical dilemmas” Discuss: Student’s Work

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Recommended viewing (links to Amazon below):

Equilibrium [DVD] [2003]

This film looks into the ideas of acting without emotions and the problems this causes. Can we really do our duty exempt of emotions? Raises some good discussion questions regarding Kant’s arguments.

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