Ethics 2022 Exam Predictions

Ethics is the hardest exam to predict because there are many question variations (topics asked on their own or as application) and a significant amount of areas have been asked over the years. On this note I must be clear that I do not share my predictions with you to be correct, I share them with you to give you an idea of what to expect or what to be prepared for. I make my predictions simply by looking at previous questions, recognizing the obvious gaps (using the spec) and making possible questions from here (no secret magic trick here). So here goes…

Topic areas for your four questions I think will be: Situation Ethics, Business Ethics, Meta Ethics and Sex Ethics. I doubt they will double up questions (ask you more than one question on the same topic) but it is possible, so you need to know all topics just in case.

Specific questions could be:

  1. Situation Ethics: General Q or more specific e.g. ‘Critically assess the extent to which situation ethics six propositions and four working principles are helpful in moral decision making.’ Or “Fletcher’s understanding of agape means nothing more than wanting the best for the person involved in a given situation.” Discuss.​
  2. Business Ethics: “The concept of corporate social responsibility is nothing more than ‘hypocritical window-dressing’ covering the greed of a business’ intent on making profits.” Discuss. Or “Globalisation discourages the pursuit of good ethics as the foundation of good business.” Discuss.​
  3. Meta Ethics: Specific Ethical Naturalism or general e.g. ‘Evaluate the extent to which ethical terms such as good, bad, right and wrong have an objective factual basis that makes them true or false in describing something.’​
  4. Sex Ethics: Specifically on premarital sex, extramarital sex or homosexuality e.g. “No theory is useful when dealing with issues surrounding homosexuality.” Discuss. Or specific to Kant e.g. ‘To what extent can issues surrounding sex ethics be judged as good, bad, right or wrong based on the extent to which duty is best served.’​ (Check out this blog to help)

Good luck to all of you! You have worked very hard, so this is your opportunity to show off! Don’t forget to join the live stream on Sunday 18th June at 6.00 for last minute exam support.

Click here to access the Predictions Teach Along video (member’s exclusive), where I go through the Predictions powerpoint (found on YouTube) giving tips and support for the possible Philosophy, Ethics and DCT questions and how to approach them:

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