Let me ‘Introduce’ myself: Writing an Introduction

Introductions are key to a good essay and a good grade. Why? Because they are the first thing an examiner reads and judges you on. Now let me give you a little insight. Examiners, people who mark for the exam board – often teachers, will have potentially read the same answer 300 times. What does this mean? They are bored! Your challenge then is to write an engaging (or at least different) introduction to spark their interest (not easy hence the ‘challenge’).

Now in my experience of marking a lot of essays I think there are a few simple things you can do to catch your readers attention.

  1. Explore what the words in the question actually mean
  2. Add a rhetorical question
  3. Mention the main key names/ topic areas which will be explored in your answer
  4. Finish off the introduction properly
  5. Add a quote or point of interest

Note: You do not need to use all 5 for an effective introduction – just what works for your writing style or the question asked.

For example (this is taken from the old spec but still demonstrates the techniques effectivelyScreen Shot 2016-03-03 at 20.14.21.png

If you would like to read more examples  of Introductions (for new spec) please see: ‘Critically assess the effectiveness of Plato’s arguments for understanding reality’: Student answers, “Natural law provides a helpful approach when dealing with issues surrounding euthanasia”: Student’s Work and Pluralism and Theology: Student’s Work

Check out this Tips from a Tired Teacher Preview on How to Write a Good Introduction:

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