Revision Packs

All packs contain quizzes, glossaries and possible exam questions to help structure your revision. It also provides space for notes and outlines the spec requirements. Everything you need to get your revision off to a flying start! Click on the image below to be transferred to the shop.

First Year Philosophy:

philo pack

Second Year Philosophy:

Philo Rev Pack

First Year Ethics:


Second Year Ethics:

rev eth

First Year Christian Thought:

DCT rev

Second Year Christian Thought:

DCT a2

This bundle includes three Key Knowledge Exams for the first year Philosophy, Ethics and DCT topics. These exams include roughly 10-15 short content based questions per topic (e.g. Did ‘Concordia’ happen before or after the fall – how do you know?) Questions are designed to test a range of knowledge and ability from C to A grade. All answers can be found on the ppt’s accessed via YouTube. I use these exams as a way to test A2 student’s knowledge before revising the topics in full together. However these tests can be used by first year students as well to assess their understanding and recall.


This Revision pack contains a selection of activities and revision templates for Philosophy, Ethics and DCT. This includes a C grade and a Higher level quiz covering all AS Philosophy topics. It also includes worksheets featuring topic jumbles, picture quizzes and essay question tables.


All packs can also be found in first and second year Bundles.