Philosophers meet Social Media: Homework get creative!

At the end of what has felt like a very long term battling with a new spec, I wanted to set my students a homework that would:

  • Be interesting,
  • Consolidate their learning,
  • Challenge them to achieve higher marks in the exam and …
  • Easy to mark!

Answer: Facebook profiles for any Philosopher, Scientist, Atheist etc covered so far.

The results were brilliant! I received work that was funny, engaging and showed deeper understanding of the key figures.

Here are some examples:

Facebook profiles:

Fact Files:

And my favourites…

Tinder (dating) Profiles:


Tinder Matches:

Mobile Phone conversations:


Classroom Display:

I have developed a Homework Pack for first year students covering all topics. Read about this further at: Homework – who is it really ‘work’ for?

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