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DCT 2023 Exam Predictions

For many of you this will be your final exam and I am sure at that point your brains will feel like they have run a marathon (weeks of mental endurance). But we cannot limp to the finish line, we must end on a high! This means one last push for DCT exam.

My final round of predictions:

  1. St Augustine: ‘Critically assess the extent to which Augustine is right that sin means that humans can never be morally good.’ Or “Augustine’s view of human nature is too pessimistic.” Discuss.​
  2. Pluralism and Society: ‘Critically assess how Christian communities have responded to the challenge of encounters with other faiths, referencing the Redemptoris Missio (55–57)’. Or “Due to the development of contemporary multi-faith societies, Christians should have a mission to those of no faith.” Discuss.​
  3. Gender Society: “Official Christian teachings should resist current secular views of gender with reference to the Mulieris Dignitatem.” Discuss. Or “Secular views of gender equality have not undermined Christian gender roles.”  Discuss.​
  4. Liberation Theology: “Christian theology should not engage with atheist secular ideologies.” Discuss.​


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Ethics 2022 Exam Predictions

Ethics is the hardest exam to predict because there are many question variations (topics asked on their own or as application) and a significant amount of areas have been asked over the years. On this note I must be clear that I do not share my predictions with you to be correct, I share them with you to give you an idea of what to expect or what to be prepared for. I make my predictions simply by looking at previous questions, recognizing the obvious gaps (using the spec) and making possible questions from here (no secret magic trick here). So here goes…

Topic areas for your four questions I think will be: Situation Ethics, Business Ethics, Meta Ethics and Sex Ethics. I doubt they will double up questions (ask you more than one question on the same topic) but it is possible, so you need to know all topics just in case.

Specific questions could be:

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Philosophy 2023 Exam Predictions

As I say every year, it is impossible to accurately predict exam questions due to the magnitude of questions the exam board could ask. They may ask questions that have previously featured in the first or second year exams (even the exact same wording could be used) or they may ask questions on areas of the specification never asked before. With this in mind, these predictions are just my own musings and may be completely wrong, so you must still revise all areas on the spec. But if I was going to write an exam paper this is how I would do it…

  1. Cosmological: “The logical fallacies in Aquinas’ first three ways cannot be overcome.” Discuss. Or “Hume’s criticisms against the cosmological argument are effective.” Discuss​
  2. Hick’s reworking of the Irenaean theodicy: ‘Critically assess the view that Hick’s reworking of the Irenaean theodicy gives some purpose to natural evil.’ Or “The existence of evils does not justify the need to create a ‘vale of soul-making.’ Discuss.​
  3. Religious experience critics: “Religious experiences can be explained as merely a psychological effect.” Discuss. Or ‘Critically assess the view that religious experiences are the product of a physiological effect.’ ​
  4. Religious Language Apophatic (Via Negativa): “The apophatic way enables effective understanding of theological discussion.” Discuss. Or Religious Language Verification: “Ayer’s verification principle presents a convincing approach to the understanding of religious language.” Discuss.​


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RS Exam Support 2023

Powerpoint of Past Exam Questions:

Teach-Along of Past Exam Questions (what to notice in the wording of the questions):

Powerpoint of Gaps and Possible Questions:

Teach-Along of Gaps and Possible Questions (what questions to be ready for in your upcoming exams):

*Upcoming powerpoint and video…Predictions 2023*

Live Streams for last minute exam support:

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