Aristotle: Ancient Philosophical Influences

Preview of lesson plans:

“The soul never thinks without a picture.” Discuss

PowerPoint above 3 facts on Aristotle

Aristotle/ Plato picture – discuss meaning- draw conclusions about Aristotle’s views

Have in common worksheet (i.e images of watch, eye, bee, tree etc answer: purpose)

PP on purpose/ telos/ tree diagram

Venn diagram between Plato and Aristotle: using key words/ glossary

Students write up comparative sentences using mature language (both, unlike, similarly, however, on the other hand)

PP on four causes

Summarise story of sculptor and link to MFEF

Whose argument is more convincing? Are you a Platonist or Aristotelian? Vote/ Share

Mini homework: Find out the purpose of: dust/ moth/ ostrich wings. Can you find anything that does not have a purpose?

Student’s work for: ‘What does the PM look like?’ (to help them remember)

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