The Hunger Games Technique

I remember the days when I use to go to the cinema and sit back, trough popcorn and enjoy the entertainment. Now I’m not so lucky. If my mind is not inundated with philosophical links or religious connotations it is lesson techniques. The Hunger Games was no different (thankfully Bond was just James Bond.) An idea started brewing that I could utilise a bit of ‘healthy’ competition if I pitched my class against each other during an assessment homework. The challenge: write a better answer than the students on the other side of the classroom. Simple really. Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 19.19.21.png

I set the scene (and yes i did link it to the Hunger Games). I split the class in half. I explained that points would be deducted for any team member who handed the work in late.  I set each side a different but related question. The teams could work together but needed an individual piece of work to hand in. Finally (and most importantly) the best side wins a prize – other than just knowing they are the best (Chocolate Dips worked a treat).

The result: Well I would’t be blogging about it if it hadn’t of worked. Give it a go!

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