Films that will get you talking!

I wish I had more time! In a dream reality I would show students films and documentaries and make posters and have long discussions. The new spec saw to the demise of that. But just because we cannot show films during lessons doesn’t mean we cannot reference or recommend films that are worth watching.

So here are my recommendations (links to Amazon below):

   1.  Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption [DVD] [1995]

One of the greatest films of all time and with hugely relevant links to the ideas of hope, freedom, determination and human nature.

   2.  In Time

In Time [DVD]

Now this might be a surprising choice and whilst the acting and plot line are not brilliant the concept itself is fantastic. Instead of paying with money we pay with time. We spend our whole lives wanting more and more money, yet the one thing we can never get back is time. A film that twists the ideas of what life is really about.

   3.  Limitless


Very clever film that looks into the powers of the mind and what a human being is capable of.

   4.  Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau [DVD] [2011]

Very clever spin on a lot of philosophical ideas surrounding our free will. Is there a set path or plan? Can we break free of this plan and if so what would happen?  Who is controlling the plan and how do the controllers affect our lives?

   5.  The Purge

The Purge

Brilliant concept to start an ethical discussion. What would you do if you were not restricted by the law? Are people only ethical because they fear punishment? What happens if that punishment is taken away?

   6.  Great Debaters

Great Debaters [DVD]

Uplifting film about the struggles of education in Black America in the 1930’s and who doesn’t like a true story!

7.  Freedom Writers


One of my all time favourites and always a hit with students! Maybe it is because it is about a passionate yet struggling teacher, or the links to the holocaust, or the feel good factor or knowing that it is also a true story. Whatever the reason I am sure you will enjoy this one.

This DVD collection is available to my students – as a sort of Netflix’s- where they can borrow any DVD they wish. As I do not want my students to miss out on developing their wider understanding, I have built my ‘Blockbusters’ cupboard.

Here are my DVDs:

First Year Philosophy:


First Year Ethics:

IMG_1276Christian Thought:

IMG_1277A few I have started to collect for Second Year:


IMG_1279As some of the labels do cover over the titles – if there are any DVDs you cannot make out or you are unsure of the links I am making in class, please just drop me a comment or email.