Leaving GCSE behind: Dealing with Christian Ethics (Old Spec)

Scoring top marks when dealing with Christian Ethics at AS or A Level is difficult. Not because the content is hard or difficult to remember (wait until you cover the Trinity or Exegesis at University – now that’s hard) but because of GCSE.

Open your Brains and pour out all GCSE RE.Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 20.23.05

My three pet hates:

  1. Your body is God’s Temple
  2. Life is a gift from God (unless you can specifically quote a reference from the Bible)
  3. Some Christian argue, other Christians argue…

Snore zzzzzzzz

Replace with:

  1. Imago Dei: We are all made in the Image of God
  2. Spark of Divinity: Every life, from the moment of conception, has a Spark of God within them
  3. Conscience: God given guide within ethical decision making (WWJD – what would Jesus do?)
  4. Freewill
  5. Integrity to beliefs: remain consistent in beliefs over different ethical dilemmas. True to yourself and your beliefs.
  6. Compassion


Do not say ‘religious people‘ – who are religious people? Scientologists, Muslims, Pagans – if you mean Christians say Christians!

Quote the Bible and/or the Pope (any Pope but I think the current one has a lot of important points to make) because it just sounds good.

Areas to revise to actually get the marks (and leave GCSE well and truly behind)

  • Agape, St. Paul and Joseph Fletcher
  • Link Natural Law: Primary Precepts and Doctrine of Double Effect to Catholics (Aquinas heavily influenced Catholicism)
  • Main Christian Teachings including: mercy, justice and forgiveness and integrity and honesty with accompanying biblical stories.


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