Updated A2 SOW: Is There Time?

What a term! In my previous A2 SOW (see Organising a New SOW: Second Year) you will notice that I planned to cover all six of the new DCT topics first (rather than traditionally starting with Philosophy then Ethics) which was definitely the right move! They are deceivingly chucky topics with a lot of new content to learn and understand (for me) then teach – so I am pleased I’ve got those out of the way. However because I underestimated these topics, I am now seriously behind where I optimistically planned I would be. So I went back to the drawing board to work out how in the remaining weeks left, I can cover A2 Philosophy, A2 Ethics and all revision.

In brief, the plan is that students revise AS Philosophy over Christmas, AS Ethics over February half term and AS DCT over Easter. This takes care of the bulk of self-revision. In class time the plan is to cover the new topics first, then the students sit a Key Knowledge Exam in the AS material to identify problem areas. I am then going to get them to vote from worst to best topics so I can focus their revision with me on the areas most needed. I will leave the topics they are happiest with until the end (if there is time). I think the only way to cover the new material and get the most out of revision together in class is by prioritising the topics the students most need to go over.

Click on the image below if you would like to see my updated scheme of work on TES:



In the up- coming weeks I will be blogging about revision techniques and I’m also looking into some sort of revision podcasts, so students can go over the revision lessons outside of class (the thought of recording myself at this point though still makes my tummy flip!!)


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