A Level Philosophy Predictions 2019

Predications are a really tricky business especially since we have very few past exam questions to go on. My advice is to make sure you know all topic areas as well as you can but for some of you knowing what came up in previous years might really help. So here is a table of all the first year questions asked so far and the questions from last year’s full A level. The importance of knowing the first year questions is because, whilst the same topic might come up in both years, it is extremely doubtful that the exact working will be the same.


What we can see from this is that Plato, Aristotle, Soul, Onto, POE and RL: 20th Century were not asked last year in the A Level exams.

So I think potential question areas could be:

  • Plato vs Aristotle comparison (e.g. Form of Good vs Prime Mover)
  • A priori vs A posteriori (e.g. Onto vs Teleo/ Cosmo)
  • Specific Q on soul e.g. Materialism/ category error or Descartes
  • Ontological: Anselm/ Gaunilo/ predicate
  • POE: Hick/ responsibility of God/ moral evil
  • William James or critic of RE (Freud, Feuerbach or physiological)
  • Specific attributes question: Omnipotence, omni-benevolence, eternal or omniscience
  • RL 20th: Verification, Falsification, Language Games

Now I know your thinking ‘well that doesn’t take out much then’ but maybe that’s the point- You MUST revise everything! Yes maybe revise some areas really really well but you cannot ignore any topics.

Examiners try very hard to limit the predictability of their question papers. What this means is = I might be completely wrong (I do not often say that either!) So please do revise all areas and elements in order to guarantee your success.

Revision Support:

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See: Panic “My Exam is Tomorrow!” Must Read for Philosophy (1st and 2nd Year) for my last minute tips for the exam.

Essay writing support check out: Step by Step to help with essay structure. Also Going for Gold: Achieving that A* and Adding the ‘critical’ to your critical analysis: Developing A02 to achieve that perfect essay technique.

For a summary of comments from the examiners about last year’s exam answers see: Examiner’s Report 2018: The Highs and Lows and Examiner’s Report 2018: The Highlights

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Show Off!

You have one opportunity to show everything you have worked for over the past two years. The examiners can only mark what you write, they never see the homeworks, discussions or stresses.

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  1. Katherine Ebbs

    This is super helpful thank you so much. Your videos have really helped regarding wider reading and revision, again many thanks!

    I was just wondering if you knew what was on the 2019 AS paper at all as I can’t find it anywhere?

    Kind regards,
    Katherine Ebbs

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