Religious Pluralism and Theology: A2 DCT

Preview of Lesson Plans

Research: Give each pair ten minutes to research a major religion (Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism or Islam) and write down 10 key features about the faith including prominent people (who they are, why they are prominent?) and texts.

Put all students who have researched a specific religion into one group and together they have to decide on ten features for their whole group.

On board draw five bubbles and label them. Hand out to every student an A3 piece of paper.

In groups students go to the board and write their top ten around their bubble. (Teacher to watch for any incorrect pieces of information.)


Students move back to original places to copy down bubbles onto A3 – as students writing teacher to read aloud points on board, giving any further explanation where necessary.

PP: Is Christianity the only true religion?

Present students with three questions which they must answer in pairs or groups. Go over answers – discuss.

Student’s artwork for the Elephant and Blind Men:


Student’s work on how Christianity needs a Copernican Revolution:


Student’s work developing A02:



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