Gender and Theology: A2 DCT

Please find power point for first half of Gender and Theology. What a topic!! After a week of going round in circles with Mary Daly (I have never come across this lady nor experienced anything like this) I finally got fingers to keyboard and then 22 slides later realize that Rosemary Radford Ruether hasn’t even made an appearance. Result…two power points.

Second power point on Rosemary Radford Ruether:

Preview of Lesson Plan

Discuss in pairs/ groups strengths and weaknesses (A02) of:

  • The patriarchal understanding of Christianity is mistaken and that a better, truer, non-sexist interpretation can be found
  • Christianity needs reinterpreting without the patriarchal elements, cleansed of their distorting influences
  • Christianity is intrinsically sexist and so flawed it should be discarded with all its sexist practices and beliefs.

Write down answers on worksheet table. Share views as a class

Continuing with worksheet, students to research and make notes on:

  1. The background of Mary Daly and Rosemary Radford Ruether
  2. What is Feminist Theology?
  3. Find three further Christian Feminist Theologians – who are they and what do they argue?

PP: Slide 6 – students use phones to find biblical passages to support sexism, racism and classism – share as a class

PP: Slide 5. Work through questions linked with quote. Discuss answers in pairs/ groups then share as a class.

Share answers as a class


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