“Sssshhh we can’t talk about Sex!” Pointers to discuss in A2 Application Questions

I appreciate that writing application essays is very difficult: you will be juggling two topics with a issue, whilst desperately trying to answer the question, as well as evaluating all points and ideas = not easy. I know this. But what might help focus your mind is a few discussion pointers to consider when evaluating and discussing sex ethics. This will help you avoid writing a vague essay that never really delves into anything specific.


  • Discuss the different laws and punishments for homosexuality (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-25927595 – I show my students this link showing which countries still have the death penalty and imprisonmeScreen Shot 2016-04-02 at 20.30.46.pngnt for homosexuality)
  • Be aware of the changes to civil partnership laws
  • Stats relating to Gay Pride, LGBT community
  • Changes in this country over the years: introduction of homosexual characters on TV and how this portrayal has impacted people’s perspectives
  • Influence of social media i.e celebrities discussing their sexual orientation and responses

Other things I show my students:

  • Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah – discuss etymology of sodomy (food for thought: when discussing the influences of Biblical teachings on homosexuality be aware that the next story is Lot’s virgin daughters getting their father drunk in order to have sex with him to reproduce.) http://www.thebricktestament.com/genesis/sodom_and_gomorrah/gn19_01.html)
  • You Tube: Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful (two men kissing meant that the music video had to be shown after 9.00pm and she was told by music execs to change video), I want to Break Free (Queen) and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Pre Marital Sex:

  • Discuss that there is a difference between pre marital sex and promiscuity.
  • Proof of Virginity but considering that two thousand years ago most females married very young (e.g. 12- linked to when they could start a family) so would have remained virgins until then. Leading on to discuss that because some people marry later in life or not at all= is this teaching ‘outdated?’ (Biblical link: http://www.thebricktestament.com/the_law/proof_of_virginity/dt22_13.html)
  • Discuss the lengths that some girls go to prove virginity – fear and pressure surrounding this
  • Explore the different legal ages for females to have sex: ranging  from 12-21 or only in marriage.(http://chartsbin.com/view/hxj)

Extra Martial Sex:

  • Discuss polygamy – i.e TV shows: Sister Wives and whether it is extra marital sex if consented to
  • Discuss whether being monogamous to one partner is natural or not
  • Explore the meaning of marriage ie. if it is to reproduce and one of the couple is infertile is there allowances for extra marital sex?

Make sure you check out the BBC news website for recent news on these areas so you can reference it in your exams.

For support with how to structure an application essay see “What would Aquinas say about Euthanasia?”Tackling the Application Essays

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