DCT 2023 Exam Predictions

For many of you this will be your final exam and I am sure at that point your brains will feel like they have run a marathon (weeks of mental endurance). But we cannot limp to the finish line, we must end on a high! This means one last push for DCT exam.

My final round of predictions:

  1. St Augustine: ‘Critically assess the extent to which Augustine is right that sin means that humans can never be morally good.’ Or “Augustine’s view of human nature is too pessimistic.” Discuss.​
  2. Pluralism and Society: ‘Critically assess how Christian communities have responded to the challenge of encounters with other faiths, referencing the Redemptoris Missio (55–57)’. Or “Due to the development of contemporary multi-faith societies, Christians should have a mission to those of no faith.” Discuss.​
  3. Gender Society: “Official Christian teachings should resist current secular views of gender with reference to the Mulieris Dignitatem.” Discuss. Or “Secular views of gender equality have not undermined Christian gender roles.”  Discuss.​
  4. Liberation Theology: “Christian theology should not engage with atheist secular ideologies.” Discuss.​


  • Death and Afterlife: “Election is limited to only a few Christians.” Discuss. Or ‘Critically assess the view that heaven, hell and purgatory are actual places where a person may go after death.’​
  • Moral Action: “The cost of discipleship is too unrealistic.” Discuss.​
  • Pluralism and Theology: “Theological pluralism undermines central Christian beliefs.” Discuss.​
  • Secularism: ‘To what extent is secularisation an opportunity for Christianity to develop new ways of thinking and acting.’​

This is your final opportunity to shine! Good luck with your ongoing revision and don’t forget to join the last live stream on the 25th June at 6.00 for any last minute exam support.

Click here to access the Predictions Teach Along video (member’s exclusive), where I go through the Predictions powerpoint (found on YouTube) giving tips and support for the possible Philosophy, Ethics and DCT questions and how to approach them:

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    I wondered if you could help I am trying to access what the questions were on the paper last Monday but at the moment have not been successful. I wondered if you could help. Many thanks Jeanette

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