DCT 2022 Exam Predictions

Is it just me or does the Ethics exam seem a long time ago? For many of you this will be your last exam and I am sure by now your brains feel like they have run a marathon (weeks of mental endurance). But we cannot limp to the finish line, we must end on a high! This means one last push for tomorrow’s exam.

Now logically since the advanced information specified four topics, it would make sense to be asked one question from each area, so this is what I have focused on in my predictions.

Knowledge of God- Natural and Revealed Theology:

I am hoping you will be asked “Natural knowledge of God is the same as revealed knowledge of God.” Discuss as this is a really nice question in which you an fully explore all key themes of the topic. However I fear the question might be more specific on God’s Grace, the Fall or use of reason. This one is a hard one to predict but I am guessing the wording of the question might be tricky (it has been in the past).

Person of Jesus:

A number of questions have been asked on this topic over the years but I am leaning towards Jesus’ relationship to God – special, truly unique and Jesus’ awareness of his Divine nature. So a question such as ‘Jesus’ relationship with God was truly unique.’ Discuss or ‘To what extent did Jesus think he was Divine.’ Also make sure you know the Biblical references mentioned on the spec as they might ask a question that specifically mentions one.

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