Online Video Updates…

So we are back teaching online again!

This time around I am doing a mixture of pre-recorded videos, padlet discussion and research boards ( see Evolution of Padlet) and live streaming.

Here are the lessons I have recorded so far:

First Year Philosophy:

Second Year Philosophy:

First Year Criminology:

Keep an eye on YouTube: I Think Therefore I Teach – YouTube for all the latest lessons 🙂

Evolution of Padlet

When I first started using Padlet as a social distancing strategy in the classroom, I posted about the benefits of using it for group work (see Social Distance Group Work: Padlet). Since then it has transformed my online remote teaching and enhanced my students learning.

I thought I would do a quick recording on how to use padlet and the different facilities it offers.

I use Padlet for:

Discussion Questions:

Sharing lines of argument:

Image board to comment on:

Sharing revision posters:

Research activities:

What I would like to try:

1. Assessment: students post introductions for feedback, post part of an essay for students to comment on (peer assessment). ​

2. Homework task i.e. watch this video add your thoughts​

3. Try the different boards available (only tried Wall so far).

If you have used Padlet in any other ways please comment and share.