Revision Guides: Which ones are worth your money?

The Revision Guides I purchased where Libby Ahluwalia’s Oxford A Level Religious Studies (one book) and Chris Eyre and Julian Waterfield’s My Revision Notes for Religious Studies (separated into three books).

I have to admit straight away I am biased towards both books, so when ordering them I knew it was a done deal as far as quality. Ahluwalia’s text books have been an invaluable support over the last two years in preparing and teaching the new spec material. I trust Ahluwalia’s experience with OCR and her keen yet fair eye when it comes to assessment. I have also worked closely with Julian Waterfield over the years, so I know first hand his love for the subject, his honed skills for marking essays and his understanding of the reality of teaching. Neither of the Revision Guides let me down!

However I know with tight budgets purchasing a class set for both guides is unrealistic. Also bombarding students with lots of different books can sometimes over complicate revision rather than make it easier. Therefore as I am not a fence sitter, here is a rundown of my views of both guides:review 1

So my overall verdict:

review 2Check out:


Revision Workbooks: These are brilliant for testing your knowledge with short questions, topic support and exam style questions (click on the links below for Amazon).

OCR A Level Religious Studies: Philosophy of Religion Workbook


OCR A Level Religious Studies: Religion and Ethics Workbook


OCR A Level Religious Studies: Developments in Christian Thought Workbook


For extra support with your revision also find my Revision Packs and Key Knowledge Exams (just click on the image below):img_4276

If you are struggling with exam stress check out How to cope with Exam Stress


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    Thank your work has been so useful. I was just wondering if you could maybe do a podcast or a document of synoptic links so that it’s clearer to do

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