Ontological Lesson Pack: R.S New Spec


This lesson pack is designed to cover the OCR New Spec requirements for First Year Philosophy: Ontological.


This lesson pack is designed to cover the OCR A level spec for the Ontological Argument in 6.00 teaching hours. It includes all worksheets, activities and quizzes (with answers) and are downloadable immediately.

What makes these unique?

I currently teach around 100 R.S A level students, with up to 26 mixed ability students in a class. This is how I cover the spec in the tight time frame we have. There is also a power point, which can be viewed on YouTube or purchased separately, that complements this lesson pack. There are no bells and whistles, no activities that take hours to prepare or a physics degree to understand. Why? Because as a full time teacher, battling a new spec, there is no time.

Once downloaded they are yours to keep and adapt for your students as necessary.

Tried and Tested!

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