Warning: Ethics Exam Approaching!! (2018)

The questions you will not be asked tomorrow are:

May 2017 First Year Paper:


May 2018 First Year Paper:

ethics Q

This means that all areas of the first year spec have had a question asked on them. So what has been covered is: specific topic (natural law) + open issue, specific topic (Kant) + open issue, specific issue (Business), specific issue (euthanasia), specific topic (SE) + open issue and specific topic (Utilitarianism) + open issue. So all topics have had a specific question on them as applied to moral decision making (an issue). And both business and euthanasia have been asked on there own. Note the massive overkill already with the terms ‘moral decision making’!

So what is missing:

Specific topic on it’s own (e.g Bentham vs Mill )
Specific topic with specific issue (e.g NL+SoL)

So last minute advice:

  1. Check out the BBC news for any recent events in business, euthanasia or sex ethics
  2. Be prepared that at least one of your questions (I think 2 out of the four) will be application
  3. Give specific examples and statistics to avoid vague sweeping statements
  4. If a comparison Q is asked e.g Bentham vs Mill make sure you compare in every paragraph using language like: whereas, both, differing, similarly etc
  5. Whatever is mentioned specifically in Q, that is the start of every paragraph. So if ‘Emotivism is the only way to approach ethical language’ Discuss, every paragraph needs to start with emotivism, even if you bring in EN or I to criticise it, that comes later on in the paragraph.
  6. Meta and Conscience are stand alone topics. This means that you are not expected to link meta or conscience to sex ethics or the AS topics (NL, SE etc) You can make synoptic links i.e. between Fletcher’s conscience and Aquinas because they both link to conscience, as part of your evaluation.

Make sure you read:Panic “My Exam is Tomorrow!” Must Read for Ethics (First and Second Year) .

Finally the more links to specific wording in the question and the more you argue, argue, argue, the better you will do! Get off the fence, raise discussion points, pass judgements and criticisms, defend arguments and evaluate everything. Control your content and need to regurgitate information, it is not how much you write/ remember it is what you do with it!

Good Luck

I will be thinking about you all tomorrow. Show off and shine!!

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