Predictions for AS Philosophy (Old Spec)

barbados_drink_CoconutCocktail-xlargeIf I had a pound for every time I have been asked for my predictions over the past week I could have paid for a luxury holiday to Barbados with a yacht…and cocktails.

Here they are:

  1. Ontological
  2. Cosmological
  3. Problem of  Evil

Either: Aristotle’s Prime Mover, Judeo God attributes or religion/science

I know this is not very specific (and maybe not very helpful) but I wouldn’t be surprised if you got another sweeping pa) like last year’s Teleological question for Ontological and Hume’s criticisms for Cosmological.

Just remember:

  • Part a) lots of description, explanation, books, quotes, examples (treat the examiner as if they have never studied the course.)
  • Part b) argue!! Do not list names but say whether they are convincing or not. Defend against criticisms and support strengths. You must conclude your argument. Remember if the part b is worded funny look to the topic in the part a) as this will indicate topic area and then think which other names are involved in that topic.

Show Off!

You have one opportunity to show everything you have worked for this year. The examiners can only mark what you write, they never see the homeworks, discussions or stresses.


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