Death and Afterlife: Improve your Essay Technique

If it is wrong to say everyone deserves to be saved and go to Heaven, where do they go? One potential answer to this is the early Catholic teaching of Purgatory. Early Christian thinkers such as Augustine believed in purgatory as a healing and cleansing process. When souls are not in a sufficient state for Heaven, they require a cleansing. This can be done in life via confessions and repentance or in the afterlife in Purgatory. The idea is believed to originate from Pope Gregory in the 6th century and the Biblical extract ‘anyone who speaks a word against the Son Of Man will be forgiven…either in this age or in the age to come.’ He interpreted this as a note of forgiveness for all either in this life or in a form of afterlife and purgatory best fits this description. Therefore, everyone has a chance to be saved and to go to Heaven. One part of purgatory is the potential for pain or suffering but it will not be eternal and inescapable as depicted in Hell. Once again, Karl Rahner adapted this concept with his argument that before judgement the soul becomes suddenly aware of the consequences of individual sin and the pain of purgatory is self-inflicted as the result of recognising your earthly wrong-doings. This provides a strong argument that maybe everyone goes to Heaven eventually but not immediately as they must be purged of their sins before entry. This is a kinder perspective than the ‘goat’ and ‘sheep’ ideology which seems unfair and unforgiving. However, Protestants disagree with this concept as it is not a directly Biblical concept. Furthermore, the subsequent salvation of Jesus dying on the cross is meaningless if our sins are cleansed in the afterlife regardless of our actions. The argument for purgatory appears to support the statement that everyone deserved to be saved and to go to Heaven as it encourages forgiveness and second chances even though the journey to Heaven is not immediate.

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