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Hi all,
Due to the Government announcements (finally) we now know that Year 13 students are going to receive a grade given by their teachers. This grade needs to be supported with evidence. With this in mind I have been thinking of ways to support you in preparing your evidence so that it highlights you in the best possible light.

Preparing for mock exams:

On YouTube you will find a number of Lockdown Specials where I go through topics in detail to help develop your understanding of the spec:
First Year:

Second Year:

There a number of blogs to help and support you prepare for any mock exams including examiner’s reports all found under ‘Exam Preparation‘. These will help you understand what examiner’s are looking for and how your teacher’s might be assessing your work.

Revising content:

You will find a number of blogs to support you in your revision found under ‘How do I Revise?’ such as and

Check out the multiple choice quizzes found under *TEST your Knowledge* such as: Pluralism and Theology Quiz or Body, Mind and Soul Quiz (I will be adding more so keep checking back)

I am recording 5 Minute POP’s of info on each area of the spec found on YouTube:

Writing essays:

You will find a number of blogs to help develop your technique found under ‘Essay Technique‘ such as and

There are a number of videos on YouTube supporting Essay writing:

I am planning on doing a number of short videos marking exemplar paragraphs to further support you. Keep an eye on YouTube for these (subscribe if you would like to receive notifications when posted).

Leave me a comment if there is anything else that would help you during this time 🙂

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