St Augustine: Improve Your Essay Technique

To further exemplify how Augustine’s pessimism is illogical and incompatible with Christianity, Aquinas would agree with Plato’s emphasis on the importance of reason (recta ratio), and this suggests that Augustine is wrong to assert that human nature and reason is damaged beyond repair. In concluding that all of humanity is driven by cupiditas (greedy love), perhaps he fails to account for the obvious signs of caritas (generous love) in society. For example, the generosity of charity work supports Jesus’ teachings in the New Testament to ‘love thy neighbour’ (Matthew). In focusing primarily on the damaged will, perhaps Augustine overlooks the positive aspects of human nature which people like Joseph Fletcher centre their normative theories around. Thus, Augustine’s dismissal of evident ‘caritas’ undermines the teachings of Jesus and this suggests that his view of human nature is deeply pessimistic and illogical when compared to most scripture.

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    Could have used a another point of view to argue against their line of argument to make their introduction stronger.

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