Holocaust Memorial Museum UK

When searching for Holocaust related placesIMG_4710.JPG to take students in the UK there are minimal options. Other than the collection of memorabilia in London’s Imperial War Museum the largest, dedicated centre just to
the Holocaust can be found in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

The Holocaust Memorial and Museum is named Beth Shalom: The House of Peace. The team at the Centre organise a day package of activities suiting all ages for minimal cost.

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Leaving a Lasting Impression: Personalised Holocaust Memorials

With the events of the Holocaust it is not just a matter of whether the students can recite answers to text book questions, it is about enabling your students to process the information in a more meaningful way. I believe it is important to allow your students the opportunity to express their own thoughts and feelings on what they have learnt. There are many ways to achieve this from: poetry, story accounts and book reviews but another option is to create a class memorial – a physical object that remains within the classroom as a reminder to the students.

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