Step by Step Paragraph Structure

When writing an essay, once you have mastered the structure in one paragraph, it is achievable in all paragraphs and all essays. But mastering that first paragraph is not easy. Often students over complicate the structure or try to cram too much into one paragraph. Keep it simple!

Here is a snapshot of an introduction that really works – it answers the question (Aquinas/ successful), it shows evidence of wider reading (dictionary definition), it also shows knowledge (Aquinas quote/natural law)- it captures and holds your attention as a reader. But is also quite sophisticated, for example: the quote and the definition are linked together.


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Going for Gold: Achieving that A*

There is no top secret formula to achieving the Holy Grail that is the A*. Yet there are a number of things you can add to an exam essay or piece of coursework that could add a little bit of spice and zing to your work.

In the past I have marked for the OCR exam board and (like most people will tell you) it is extremely mundane and repetitive (marking potentially 360+ of the same answer.) The challenge therefore to achieve the A* first of all is twofold:

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Adding the ‘critical’ to your critical analysis: Developing A02

You will have been developing the art of essay writing throughout your school life. As you start to write more mature and sophisticated essays you need the language to be able to do this properly.

Firstly there is a language (which I call ‘critical words’) that introduces an argument. By ‘argument’ I mean the assessment or evaluation of any point made. So for example in Philosophy an argument would be raised once you have presented a philosophical perspective, point or idea. In order to make it clear to your reader/ examiner that you are showing evidence of evaluation, which is necessary for top marks (not just stating facts or other people’s perspectives) use critical words.

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“How do I get my essay from a D to a C?”

It can be very difficult writing essays at a higher level. You are not only developing the techniques necessary to pass your A levels but also to succeed at university.

Here are some of my top tips to not only help you write an essay but how to write a blooming good one!

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