Vicar in the Hot Seat: Views on AS Application Topics (Old Spec)

My students are very fortunate that each year the local hospital Chaplain joins us for ‘Vicar hot seatin the Hot Seat.’ This basically involves asking him a series of questions and exploring his answers. He responds purely from his own perspective whilst offering general views of the Anglican community as well other Christian denominations.

This is an overview of the main points from our discussion:

Euthanasia (including whether Tony Nicklinson should have been allowed to commit euthanasia):

Totally accept severity of condition but we are able to palliate without euthanasia in most cases. Understand and respect right and choice of going to Dignitas. Legally allowing euthanasia could lead to a “slippery slope” scenario. The Law protects the vulnerable – if euthanasia were to be legalised then it could lead to exploitation of elderly etc.

“We shouldn’t accelerate the process of death. We shouldn’t terminate life prematurely.”

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